R.E day

On Thursday, we explored the ideas of creation and harvest through a variety of activities. Firstly we thought about what our creator might look like and we drew our own pictures. This lead us onto talking about the world God created. We produced some art work showing the wonders of the world. Our next activity was to discuss harvest. We talked about Christians and how they are thankful for food. We then talked about being thankful for our school and created postcards for adults who help us everyday. We drew a picture and wrote about why we are grateful for them.


Exciting English!

We have been bringing together all the skills we have learnt about words and sentences in the last few weeks. We can now build sentences of our own and are beginning to use adjectives. Can you remember what an adjective is? (Describing word).

We have drawn detailed pictures of the big bad wolf and used these to help us with our writing.

Look at our awesome writing!

We even had a go at some free writing, where we could choose what we wanted to write about the story of the Three Little Pigs and had to construct our own sentences.

To help us with our writing we have been working hard on using sound mats to help us with our vowel digraph. We became ‘Digraph/Trigraph Detectives’ and found words with lots of digraph sin hidden around the room.

Here are all the words we found:


This week has been a fun and busy week at school! We have been enjoying learning about numbers and learning to find grater than, less than and equal to. We have also been learning to read word names and have been using lots of different equipment for our lessons!

Theme is off to an arty start.

We have had a wonderful week this week. All three classes have had fun with art. We have been investigating colour families and had a go at finding different shades of the same colour . We had a little think about warm and cool colours too. In science we conducted an investigation into different types of materials (which was super since two of those silly pigs chose completely the wrong thing to build their houses out of). We had a hunt about and found all kinds of things, then we sorted the items into groups depending on what they were made of.

Welcome to Year 1!

What a great start to the new year! In Year 1 our theme is Once Upon a Time!

The children have settled into their new classrooms so well! We have loved getting to know the children and spending the first week with them.

The children have loved playing and exploring in their new classrooms.

The children have enjoyed learning this week too!

We have also enjoyed celebrating successful learning and finished our celebrations with some fun singing and dancing!

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing the children again on Monday!

The Year 1 Team 😁

Clay creations in Year 1

We had a creative time this week in Year One. We sculpted our clay animals last week and this week we added the paint. We thought about what colors might be best for our animals and talked about how we could mix colors we did not have on our palette. We loved making our creations come to life. Once we have made a few running repairs we are excited to bring them home.